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Autrement dit
Place des archers, 3.
7000 MONS - Belgique.
+ 32 (0)476 64 49 88 + 32 (0)65 31 73 76


Audio books, books on cd, cassettes and MP3 are just some of the many specialities of the French-Belgian "Autrement dit" editions that dedicate themselves to recording works of art of French and foreign literature.

This being done with some of the most beautiful voices of today. Although the company is recent its inventory of authors, poets, academic analysts and history witnesses covers a variety of eras and areas.

Also available are thematic poetic anthologies, classical or modern music, contemporary French short enough to delight the most demanding ears.

Our audio books are appreciated by: -cultivated people wishing to take advantage of lost time spent on the roads.(Once they have been introduced to this practice many commuters tell us the hour ride becomes their daily cultural break!)

- Housewives (or men!) who, for instance, take a moment to listen while ironing.

- Blind people, people with poor vision or older people getting tired when reading and thus loving to listen to a beautiful voice telling them a story just as the lecturers of the old days did.

- Foreign languages or mother tongue teachers who enjoy the opportunity of exposing young people to the pleasures of good writing, beauty of perfect diction and joy of listening to a quality interpretation of a well spoken language music.

- Museums,libraries and so on.

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